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What is a Break-in?

A break in is an unauthorized entry by force. Break-ins occur in even the safest of areas in most cases unoccupied buildings are the main target. Doors are the #1 point of entry for thieves because of the ease of getting in an out quickly.

In a period of one year the nation’s 84,000 public schools  have experienced 99,000 break-ins. The impact of these acts not only cost the school in repairs they also have an effect on the community. The increase of break- ins in U.S schools has motivated administrators to make school safety a top priority.

There is more than one type of break-in associated with these facilities and they typically fall into three categories:

  • Professional: Intruders are skilled in the art or trespassing and enter areas containing expensive equipment that can be sold. Generally leaving without damage. 
  • Vicious: Trespasser causes substantial damage and usually destroy valuables rather than steal them 
  • Annoyance: Culprit is normally a youth breaking in for the thrill rather than to cause any type of destruction. 


While protecting your doors is vital to your buildings protection, there are additional measures you can implement to support your door security. This guide addresses security tips for businesses and places of education.


Additional Security Measures


Putting systems in place to be sure your facility is secure from intruders is one of the key elements in preventing a break-in. Assigning employees individual tasks will make the job more manageable. Heighten security in between school hours, weekends and vacation periods.



A well-lit area will make it easy to spot someone who is attempting to vandalize or break-in your building. A well-lit area will increase chances of a witness.



Placing an alarm system, surveillance signs and stickers at your facilities doors, windows and all other entrance points is a great deterrent from burglary.



Physically check that all windows are securely locked and doors are equipped correctly with Security Latches at the end of each business day. This will allow you to be confident in your efforts to keep your facility safe.



Make sure your staff knows to report broken or damaged security equipment. Broken latches or locks should be reported promptly and replaced immediately. Any unsecured access point leaves you in danger of a crime.



Be sure all doors are mounted in a good frame and have Security Latches properly installed. Having Security Latches on all panic doors will prevent unauthorized access to your facility by acting as a physical barrier. Focus on passageways where valuable items are stored, reinforcing door hardware makes pulling or pushing a locked door difficult for burglars.

Installing Security Latches in your facility and following these tips you should feel confident in your efforts to defend your building.