Single Door Latch - Right Hand

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Single Door Latch - Right Hand

  • Material: Non-Marring PVC Coated Steel

  • Color: Orange

  • Intended For Use on Doors w/ Push Bar Exit Device

  • For Doors w/ Locking Mechanism on Left Hand Side

  • Use Only in Unoccupied Buildings

Single Door Latch - Right Hand

Door Security Bar Single Door Latch - Right Hand

If you are looking to quickly increase your building`s security, choose Security Latch! Used as a Door Security Bar, which secures the door to the door frame, not allowing the door to be opened, yet can still be easily removed by the operator on the inside. This style latch is for old style exit devices with a push down bar. Intended for use on doors that have the locking mechanism on the left side, as you face the inside of the door. This latch is meant to secure doors in UNOCCUPIED BUILDINGS. Also available with cable lock.

(Buy 6 or More for 41.95)


*Please check with your local fire department before purchasing Security Latch, as some fire codes may prohibit use. All Security Latch models shown are to be used to secure the building when the building is NOT OCCUPIED.

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