Wireless Door Alarm

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  • Dimensions: 5in.L x 5in.W x 1-7/8in.D
  • Battery Operated: 9-VDC Alkaline Battery (Included)
  • Housing Material: Durable UV-Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Simple to Install & Mounts Anywhere Near Exit & Entry Doors
  • Not for Outdoor Use or Water Exposure

Wireless Door Alarm for Single Door Installation

The Wireless Door Alarm adds reliable security to any single exit or entrance door. The alarm simply installs on the upper corner of an interior door. Choose from a 30 second, 3 minute, or continuous alarm sound if the connection is broken during any unauthorized exit or entry. You may also choose a set of 10 beeps announcing the door has been opened. Features a key-operated On/Off switch to allow access and silence the alarm. Battery operated with a long-life 9-VDC alkaline battery. Easy to install and program, this highly visible and compact unit is an inexpensive, yet effective security device.

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